Saturday, January 12, 2013

My e-Reader!

So, today I was thinking I would show you my reading set up! See, I now read fictional books on my nook, and then I get books on war from my library (Yes, I'm that much of a nerd.)

Personally, I would choose my nook over a kindle, but I can't say which one is better since I don't have a kindle... But I have the Nook Simple Touch.

It's a cheap, affordable and has a good touch screen. It's easy navigation makes this product good for any age readers My friend, uses her kindle a lot, but she tells me that she hates the advertisements. (Anyone would, right?) But, thank gosh that I got the nook, because nooks don't need to use advertisements. Also, the Nook Simple Touch is very slim, light in your hands and very portable. Actually, for school, I put it in my backpack and read it at school.

A con that makes me sad is that, the Nook Simple Touch doesn't allow you to use the Internet. But there's a cheat for that. I'll share about that later. Anyways, keep reading!

Divergent and Insurgent

Two of the best books I have ever read. Maybe because of the excitement throughout the book, or maybe because of characters, and how you get obsessed with them.

In Divergent and Insurgent (By: Veronica Roth) the setting takes place in the city of Chicago. Except, there's a twist, the city is split up into five factions whom have their own jobs in order to take care of the city. The main protagonist, Beatrice (in later chapters known as Tris) turns 16, and gets to change which faction she would like to be in ; Abnegation, Amity, Dauntless, Candor, or Erudite. Her parents and brother are from Abnegation, but she doesn't feel as if she belongs there.

It's a wonderful book series, and deserves to get recognized. (The third book comes out Fall 2013. So ,get reading!) It has also been confirmed that Divergent will be a movie too.
Keep Reading!

Uh, I'm new at this.

Hello there,
I always wanted to be a blogger.. or some type of writer.. Well, here this is and this gives me a chance to be what I want be. You might be thinking, "What's this chick gonna do?" Well, my friend, I will do what I can. I most likely will make a story and share it with you guys. I will also do life stories, and more magical things. Mostly, I will review books too.
(P.S. my name is Faith)