Saturday, January 12, 2013

My e-Reader!

So, today I was thinking I would show you my reading set up! See, I now read fictional books on my nook, and then I get books on war from my library (Yes, I'm that much of a nerd.)

Personally, I would choose my nook over a kindle, but I can't say which one is better since I don't have a kindle... But I have the Nook Simple Touch.

It's a cheap, affordable and has a good touch screen. It's easy navigation makes this product good for any age readers My friend, uses her kindle a lot, but she tells me that she hates the advertisements. (Anyone would, right?) But, thank gosh that I got the nook, because nooks don't need to use advertisements. Also, the Nook Simple Touch is very slim, light in your hands and very portable. Actually, for school, I put it in my backpack and read it at school.

A con that makes me sad is that, the Nook Simple Touch doesn't allow you to use the Internet. But there's a cheat for that. I'll share about that later. Anyways, keep reading!

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